How about them Lakers Huh?


I know, I know. I haven’t blogged about the Lakers since the season ended and actually since even before then. I’m sorry. I’ve just been going crazy over this bike riding thing and incorporating it into Word Press, the way I want to incorporate into WordPress.

Anyways, onto the Lake show. I was really surprised by Game 1. No it wasn’t the fact that Kobe had a horrendous night, because he has one of those every now and again. What surprised me was the fact that Kobe realized he was having a bad night.

Usually, when Kobe has a bad night, it’s going to be a long night for the Lakers. He just keeps jacking up shots while the other 4 guys stand around and watch. But that definitely was not the case in Game 1. There was more passing and more swinging the ball which resulted in Pau getting 36-16-8. DAMN!! I didn’t know Pau had it in him. Now, I will acknowledge, many of those 16 boards came from Kobe denting the backboard with his 26 shots, its still a good sign when your center has a near triple double.

Another great thing about Game 1 was how easy Pau’s baskets were. Almost all of his shots came right at the rim. Take a look at this shot chart from, and look at Pau’s shots for the entire game. He took 20 shots but it  only shows 6!! Now hover above and around the circle right in front of the rim. It should change a few times for his many many makes from right in front!  I know Denver doesn’t really have a legit big man (Camby is nice, but those 3 inches are a huge advantage for Pau) but this will at the least boost Pau’s confidence. Hopefully when he has to go up against Duncan or KG down the rode, he will not be intimidated.

As for Game 2, everyone knows by now that it was the Kobe show! Yes, he had 49 points, but the really great part of this game was his 10 assists. His career best is 15 and Washington back in 2002, but he only had 23 points then. If Kobe played like this every game, there is no way the Lakers could lose. Of course, the assists only happen if he other guys are actually making their shots. Thankfully for Lakers, the other guys have been hitting their shots all year.

And when will 2nd tier idiots stop talking smack? First some idiot named DeShawn Stevenson, who I’d never even heard of until this series, calls out Lebron and the Cavs, who promptly put the smack down on them in Games 1 and 2. Then K-Mart at the end of Game 1 and JR Smith in Game 2 were just talking up Kobe. And Kobe just destroyed JR in Game 2. Even as he was getting schooled, JR just wouldn’t shut up. I mean you just got rocked on national television in front of at least the 30K in the stands plus the millions watching at home. JUST STOP TALKING!! It’s a known fact that great superstars like Kobe, Lebron, MJ and even Tiger, thrive on proving to people just how good they are. Why would you want to give them incentive? Just because you had one good game against them on an off night, doesn’t mean you are a Kobe/Lebron stopper. You just got lucky and caught them on an off night. The last thing you want to do is tell them they played bad cuz you are so good. If you do, just prepare to get destroyed the next time you face them.